In case you would like to develop a professionally looking website, but you don't have lots of experience and are not sure what program to employ, it may help if your Internet hosting company provides an Internet site installer tool. Different from the popular application installers which are basically just a collection of scripts, a site installer will enable you to to select the most suitable application depending on the type of site which you would like to create. This will save you the time and efforts to check whether a particular script shall get the job done or not. Just a handful of companies provide Internet site installers, but should you have this sort of a tool available, you'll be able to start your web presence without headaches. What you shall get will be a ready-to-use Internet site that you can start customizing in accordance with your taste and requires using the back office of the newly installed app.

Website Installer in Cloud Hosting

We provide an Internet site installer with each cloud hosting package which we offer and you'll be able to access it via your Hepsia hosting Control Panel with only a couple of mouse clicks. The software tool is rather user-friendly - select a domain and the sort of the site which you would like to have, type in the login credentials thatyou'd like to employ for the back office and you will be all set. You will have a huge number of templates to pick from during the process, so you could save a lot of cash on web design services considering the fact that you could create a professional site within a few minutes and at no extra cost. The templates that shall appear depend on the type of website you have picked and this way you'll be able to create a general-purpose site, a blog, an online store or a photo gallery with almost no efforts.

Website Installer in Dedicated Servers

When you want a powerful hosting plan, but you do not have loads of experience, you can get a dedicated server with the Hepsia CP. In addition to many other capabilities, Hepsia comes with an easy-to-use site installer which shall permit you to make a professionally-looking site with a few clicks via a easy-to-use interface. The software tool can be used for any domain or subdomain that you have on the server and a couple of clicks later your new Internet site will be online, so you could log into its administrator area and start customizing it. Our installer permits you to select among various categories of websites with only a click and based upon your choice, you will see hundreds of relevant templates that you'll be able to use for the website at no additional charge. This way, you'll be able to develop your websites without having to pay anything additional for web design on top of the dedicated server monthly price.