A data center is a facility which holds a large number of servers. The machines can be employed for numerous purposes - hosting, file and image storage, computing, etcetera. All bigger businesses that supply online services have their machines in one or several data centers since such a facility can offer the desired environment and security for the information kept on the hosting servers. Including environmental controls for the humidity and temperature in order to guarantee the maximum performance and long life of the web servers, backup power generators, hardware monitoring and last, but not least, physical security as to make certain that your data cannot be accessed by an unauthorized third-party. A badly performing data center can very easily undermine the services which a business supplies.

Data centers in Cloud Hosting

We offer our cloud hosting plans in five outstanding data centers throughout the world in order to give you a choice to pick the one closest to you or to your target market. Our sophisticated cloud platform is provided in all five of them, so you shall enjoy the exact same level of service irrespective of your choice. The facilities which are located in the U.S., the UK, AU, Bulgaria and Finland, offer multi-gigabit connectivity via several backbone Internet suppliers and powerful backup generators to make certain that your sites will be functioning all the time. Since experienced technical support teams handle our machines on all three continents, we can focus on creating new services and improving the existing ones on a regular basis, so we can provide you with the first-class hosting service that you've always desired.

Data centers in Dedicated Servers

We've chosen one of the largest data centers on earth for the dedicated server plans that we offer. The Colohouse facility in the town center of Chicago delivers exceptional conditions for all servers accommodated there and this is one of the reasons to pick it for our machines. The data center is amongst the best spots to host Internet sites which target North America since it offers direct fiber connections with a number of cities across the US and Canada, so how quick visitors shall open your websites shall depend only on their Internet connection. Numerous ISPs and a 1.5 MW diesel backup generator guarantee that your dedicated server shall be up and running always and that your websites will never go offline. The latest generation of Cisco network equipment and thoroughly tested server spare parts together with a 24-7 support are also amongst the factors behind our choice to offer dedicated servers within the Colohouse facility.